Welcome to my computer graphics portfolio.

This is a site solely for my computer graphics projects. If you’re looking for my web development projects, I will be creating another portfolio site (or a subsection of this site, I guess) soon. For now, feel free to check out my github page.

About me.

I love computer graphics and all things digital. Computer animation is a real passion of mine and I have been dabbling in it since I was about 15 years old. Since then I have created several short animations, and a few interactive digital art pieces and a couple of games.


I am currently working as a software developer in London. Besides my interest in computer graphics, I have a breadth of experience in Web Development, core skills being in Python and Javascript. For more info, feel free to drop me a line on the contact page or check out my github.


In July 2013, I graduated from NCCA Bournemouth with a First Class Honours Degree in Computer Visualisation and Animation. Here I picked up skills in Computer Graphics for VFX, 3D Animation and Games. Many of my university projects are up on this site. While I am a self-proclaimed “techie”, I also have an eye for the artistic, having recently directed the short animation Ruckus.


I’m not all animation and computers. I also play music, both classical and electric guitar, play tennis on the weekends and am a big windsurfing fan.